LIUNA leader Dennis L. Martire leads localized programs

June 26, 2023
Dennis L. Martire

Across the mid-Atlantic area, career employee Dennis L. Martire of the Laborers’ International Union of North America leads localized initiatives for the betterment of employees. Martire serves as an organizational leader for this specific region, acting in the elected role of vice president and regional manager since 2002. He moved into that position having over 20 years of service to LIUNA already. Dennis L. Martire began with the group in 1990 and grew steadily since that time. He’s grown to aid workers in New Jersey as they formed their own union chapter. He’s aided working families in Maryland as they fought for fair wages. He’s provided much-needed training to LIUNA and its members that allow them to grow in their own jobs and perform daily tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible. Martire is a true leader for LIUNA.